About us

Lastbilscenter AB is a transport company founded in Varberg 1990 by Tony Ringström, who still operates and owns the company. The head office is located in Varberg, Sweden, but the Group currently consists of several subsidiaries in Lithuania and Czech Republic.among others.

In 2015, Lastbilscenter rebuilt the property in Varberg and now have more 300 m2 office, 300 m2 workshop and 250 m2 warehouse.

The Group has about 70 employees and has a turnover of approximately 70 million per year. The truck fleet consist of approximately 50 vehicles with mainly Volvo, MAN and DAF as suppliers. The trucks consists of different categories such as two-axle and three-axle tractors, 25m carriage and various types of swap- bodies. The majority of the vehicles are new and modern with environmental class Euro 6 as a standard. The company is also proud to be one of the first hauliers in Sweden to start using fossil free fuel in their vehicles, this was done already in 2005.

The group only works against one customer, DB Schenker, and has done it since the early 1990s.